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On 25 May 2022, a webinar was held to provide more information about the consumer experience interviews being undertaken in residential aged care services. This included a Q&A session held by the following members of the consortium and the Department of Health:

Kate Apps-Muir
A/g Director | Transparency and Risk Profiling Section – DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH

Leighton Howard MBA
Senior Director | Payer, Provider & Government Solutions – IQVIA

Dr Lisa Fodero PhD

Rebecca Woods
Chief People Officer – ACNA

Topics covered in the webinar included:
• The Consumer Experience Interviews program, its purpose and the methodology behind it
• Program logistics and timeframes
• How resident interviews will be conducted at facilities
• The Consumer Experience Reports process and timelines

The webinar was recorded for the benefit of those who were unable to attend.

If you have any questions which were not addressed during the webinar, please contact us.